Wooden playground equipment maintance guide

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The popularity of natural , environmental friendly play,  the wooden playground become one of hot sales in the market,  which can be customized in different theme. Its mantaince it different from platic and metal playground.

Due to the physiological characteristics of wood products and the external natural climate, there are more or less natural phenomena such as cracking and arching. Pease well noted its not quality problems.

We have following suggestions during use and its maintenance:

  1. Only provide children aged 3-12 years under adult protection

  2.  Due to its special usage characteristics, it is recommended that we have to do regularly check of screw parts. When find screws are loose, need tighten them.

  3. If some parts of wood arches, can fix it with self-tapping screw.

  4. In order to make the products more beautiful and more durable, it is recommended that painting the products at each season. If you find there is some cracks, please get the maintenance material inside prevent it from expanding.

  5. Always keep the playground clean, do not allow dirt things attach the surface of the wood for a long time resulting un removable stubborn dirt.

  6. The wood surface is strictly prohibited contacted with acid, alkaline chemicals and other chemical.


Title: Wooden playground equipment maintance guide
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