How to design children playground park? --------From design method.

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1.Nature and fun

Perhaps from human nature, children may like to be close to nature more than any other age group. They naturally love to play with nature, and water, leaves, flowers, grass and sand are all their toys. A site that is closely integrated with nature attracts them on the one hand, and teaches them the basic truths of natural growth and circulation on the other.

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2.Intensify colors to attract the eye

As children are sensitive to colors and shapes, bright and lively colors and diversified shapes are more attractive to children's eyes, and can also improve their cognitive ability. Distinguish different space areas with different colors and materials, not only can increase the characteristics of the site to attract children, but also can bring more colorful psychological feelings and play experience.

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3.Distinctive theme, create fun

For children, whether the site is "interesting" is always the most critical, and this "interesting" can often be achieved by establishing a distinctive theme. Exaggerated shapes, strange facilities, and play experiences that they don't normally experience often make children excited and memorable.

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4.Create activities that promote interaction

Children's activities are often more varied than designers could have imagined. Not only do they make full use of purposely designed facilities, but they are also good at exploring potential activity spaces. Designers need to create as many types of activities as possible, even "strange" ones, so that children can acquire more diverse social skills in the activities.

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Title: How to design children playground park? --------From design method.
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