Reasonable children's play space design

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The design of children's play space involves a wide range of references, it requires designers to have professional design knowledge and rich knowledge, so as to design a rich connotation, novel and innovative play space, and at the same time requires designers to have a curious child's heart, to be able to perceive the real needs of children, so as to create a play space for children really suitable for them to play.2.jpg

First, Integration with nature, fun and education

Compared with other stages of human growth, children often prefer to be close to nature, and they are also more able to feel the fun from nature. Natural sites, sand, water, flowers and plants can become children's toys, so children's play space to retain the site containing natural elements, so that children play in the perception of natural growth and biological cycle of truth.


Second, distinct theme, create fun

The distinctive theme can be the first time to grab the children's eyes, attracting them to enter the play space. Adding unique and design IP elements in the play space can better enhance children's play experience and give them a fun-filled play experience, which can also make children better remember the park.


Third, strengthen the color to attract the eye

As children's visual perception is still in the development stage, so the use of bright, strong color elements can better attract the attention of children. In the design of children's play space, the use of different colors to divide the functional areas, not only can help children to identify the site, but also use it to improve the child's perception of color.


Fourth, create activities and promote interaction

Children's active creative ability when playing often exceeds the designer's imagination, they can not only enjoy all kinds of play equipment provided by the designer, but also good at discovering the potential play possibilities in the play space. Therefore, in the design of children's activity space, we must also ensure the width of the site, the interactivity of the equipment, etc., so that children can have more opportunities to play independently and creatively, and promote their collaboration and interaction when playing.



Title: Reasonable children's play space design
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