How to make children play safe and happy?

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Playing is the way children learn about the world. According to research, educational toys are far better than the fresh air, flowers and trees of nature. The stimulation obtained from sports can promote children's brain development and is more beneficial to physical and mental health. However, whether indoors or outdoors, numerous play facilities always have quality problems and safety concerns.

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According to a study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC, 76% of accidents caused by children playing occur in public children's playgrounds; "European and American countries attach great importance to children's playground safety."

In addition to the requirement of safety, the regulatory issues of amusement facilities are also receiving increasing attention, which in turn extends to issues such as park design, program implementation, commissioning and operation, standardized use and regular maintenance, with each link tightly interlocked. Only check and doing step by step and check the hidden dangers, in order to ensure that children play safe.

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Without safety, how can there be joy?

In recent years, more and more indoor and outdoor playgrounds are opened to meet the needs of society, especially in indoor shopping malls, formed by the ocean ball bobble pool, slides and other playground facilities, is very popular with parents. However, there are repeated news of children being injured in indoor playgrounds, making people more concerned about the safety of such venues.At present, for children's play facilities, the country has not yet established a unified normative standard. Purchasers need to be careful to choose a professional and reliable supplier.

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 Selecting qualified equipment, moreover, requires a qualified manufacturer

Field service personnel should have sufficient safety awareness to detect safety hazards at the first time and take professional measures to solve problems in time.

Provide training and assessment services specifically for on-site staff, including installation of equipment, post-installation inspection, regular inspection and maintenance, development of routine inspection cycles, on-site guidance on operation, corrective measures and accident records, etc., to train on-site service personnel to become safety experts in the playground.

For playgrounds where accidents have occurred, in addition to compensation, relevant organizations and professionals need to be invited to conduct a comprehensive inspection and assessment of the safety of the amusement facilities and toys in the site, while strengthening staff training and inspection of facilities in the site to raise awareness of the safety of children in the site to prevent similar incidents from happening again. For indoor and outdoor playgrounds in charge, including indoor playground manufacturers, property management companies, kindergartens, etc. should cooperate with professional factory  to comprehensively assess the safety of existing amusement facilities, so as to effectively prevent potential accidents, so that parents and children can play with more peace of mind and more fun.

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For the children's safe play, parents also need to strictly check

And how do parents pick reliable playground facilities? In this regard, we have a few thoughtful tips:

1. site paving: special elastic tiles and soft flooring as the best choice, should pay attention to whether the floor is non-slip, whether the material is environmentally friendly. Pay attention to whether the sand is evenly laid, whether the plastic flooring is old and broken or bare concrete floor, so that children do not trip and get injured.

2. facility selection: avoid those playground facilities that are particularly old, have strange noises when running, shaking irregularities, etc.

3. parental self-inspection: parents can also check the basic aspects, such as whether the chain of the swing is worn, whether the connecting bolts of the slide are loose, whether the gap between the seesaw or merry-go-round and the ground is too large, etc.

4. Children's clothing: Prepare children with light and well-fitting clothes that are convenient for movement, avoid clothes, hats and shoes with straps, and be careful not to get caught in the machinery with thin straps, causing accidents.

Title: How to make children play safe and happy?
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