How to loading the container( playground equipment)

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About the packages

At present,we usually taking cotton and PP film for metal parts , and bubble film +PP Film for plastic parts. there is no standard export packages for outdoor playground equipment in china, Due to below reasons: 1.The spare parts are all in different measurements, its spending lots of extra cost to have all parts in standard box, as carton is too weak to hold the plastic parts.  2. It will increases the cost if choosing  wooden box, at the other hand, with fixed box also not flexible to putting some parts together save the space.


About the loading

The first step is to put metal parts, like post, handrails, platforms, and other metal accessories.Then  Plastic parts,  if placed on the bottom the plastic parts are easily deformed or damaged, it shall be on top without heavy objects ensure the safe arrive.

Another important one is have to put the large size accessories firstly. Like spiral slide, tube slide, big roofs, and big tunnel, rope tunnel The small part can putting inside the tube and tunnel we can save lots of space.




Title: How to loading the container( playground equipment)
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