How to choice the playground site?

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1. Outdoor playground park, or Children's play area . If you are developing a mature park or playground,with ready supporting facilities will be perfect. There are many users of children's play equipment.but the rent of the venues here will definitely be higher. However, due to the  years of operation, the types of play equipment are relatively complete, and attracting certain user groups to play. If it is a newly developed park or playground, it is necessary to consider the scale of the nearby living area, the number of nearby merchants. The advantage is newly developed site is with cheaper rent . If its with potential development also worth to start.


2, Integrated shopping malls or squares, such integrated shopping malls including eating, drinking and shopping, so the flow of people to consume is relatively large, and even some have special floors for children, which will be   preferred choice for indoor children's play equipment. Many people do not see the potential development  of the exterior plaza of such shopping malls. In fact, the external plaza is even more attractive than the interior . because whether it is to eat, drink, or shop, it is necessary to pass through the square. The venue will be the best choice.


3. Living quarters or kindergartens. There are a large number of fixed people and target groups gathered here. First of all, the living quarters are related to people's daily life. People  go out and play more conveniently than playing in a park . The surrounding areas of the kindergarten are even hotter, because the main consumer group of children's park amusement equipment is children. It is also a good choice to find children's park amusement equipment venues around the kindergarten.



Title: How to choice the playground site?
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