How to build a playground park ( safe play must be the first attention)

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  1. Selecting a suitable playground site, For example is the playground for communities, playschool, public park, amusement center.

  2. Measurements:  Get the size of play area in very detail( enough dates to make ground layout). Have to make notes whether there are any tree, blocks, or slope, and is the space big enough or not.


  3. Consider the ground situation, if it is soft or concreter  to choosing suitable flooring . It is  very important for playground, that related to falling height, and the playground theme style it will be.

  4. The age of user, toddler, school age kids, or adults. Decides on what kind of play function we have to choose.


  5. Begins to free design, based on the ground measurement we get ,and requirements of playground items , playground  areas. Then comes to design confirmation,  we can call design recycle. Its allowed different ideas to get the final confirmation.


  6. Order confirmation, including quality, warranty, delivery time, price term.  


  7. Production, quality control, packages, shipping marks


  8.  Installation . Providing installation guide, shows how to fix the playground part by part in every little step. Or we have professional installation team helps finish the playground installation at site.


  9. Playground maintenance guide. Check every screw whether fix tightly.

Regular checking is required for each playground equipment  to ensure safe play


Title: How to build a playground park ( safe play must be the first attention)
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