Custom made playground structure.

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Give a site, we can creating a play pradise for your children. Playground equipment is not only about play to learn, also shall be fantastic park views. We are working for the happiness of childhood, as well the development of city building.


Project 1, The enjoyment of sliding ,stainless steel tube build at a leisure park, that near living house. Its work at site to build the play system. We have the big support from our installation team, technology team. 


Rope play system at the site of forest park, the place where for adults and children to have a nice weekend.

The material parts are made of imported robinia wood with painting in any color you like.


Giraffe play slide, with the functions of sliding, rope climbing. Another feature is once we saw it, it make our kids screaming as it’s the lovely giraffe.

Also we are providing playground ground system , where with sand pool, or EPDM flooring.

Title: Custom made playground structure.
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